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Amazon Stone, 2019
Time: 5'

All on the same sidewalk, 2019
Time: 5'

Politician, 2018
Time: 40"

Dispute, 2018
Time: 1'10"

Geometric particle, 2016
Time: 1'40"

Reflective dialogue, 2015
Time: 3' 10"

Robo-optical, 2014
Time: 2'


Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil, producing mixed media art, painting and video art. His research is linked to philosophical and psychological approaches, in which he takes place in the observation of human behavior, as a social being. He develops his ideas on different supports such as fabrics, recycled materials, natural pigments, as well as paper. His curriculum includes numerous individual and collective exhibitions, and his work is present in private collections in New York, São Paulo, London, Los angeles, Berlin, Portugal, Spain, Detroit, Miami, New Orleans and public collections such as National Arts Clubs, New York, USA, Exhibition Center Odivelas Museum , Lisbon, Portugal, Superior Court of Justice Museum, Brasília, Brazil. The artist has already presented his works in individual exhibitions In Brazil, United States, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Ukraine, South Korea.

Artist Statement

The search for existence, for the sense of existing and for the experience with the world in the most diverse manifestations, lead the artist to reflect on the distortions of the urban, the values of contemporary society and the interventions of human beings in the world and their interaction with themselves. He develops various languages using mixed media art, textile art and video art techniques to highlight the details and mechanisms that fragment into dispersions, intervals and noises. He wants to combine two-dimensional and three-dimensional effects, creating a relationship of dependence between them, harmonizing the contrast between shape and colors in the timeless plane.


MBA in Art History and Visual Culture. UCAM, SCS, Brazil.
Psychpedagogy and Art Therapy. FPA, SP, Brazil.
Arts. CEUCLAR, DF, Brazil.
Language Arts. UNIMARCO, SP, Brazil.

Solo Exhibitions

Personal Structures. Casa dos Contos Museum, Ouro Preto, Brazil.
Surfaces and Abstractions. Antônio Lino Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.
katharsis. National Arts Club, New York, USA.
Involuntary Exclusion. Superior Tribunal de Justiça Museum, Brasília, Brazil.
Weaving Shapes. Anexxo Gallery. Goiás, Brazil.
Involuntary Exclusion. Anexxo Gallery, Goiás, Brazil.

Collective Exhibitions

Berlin Art Week: Latinoamerican Art, South Embassy Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
Creative Pride, National Arts Club, NY, USA.
Little Islands Fest, Amorgos, Greece.
South Embassy Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
Concept: the 5th Int. Exhibition on Conceptual Art. CICA Museum, Gimpo-si, Korea.
Love Inspires. Inn Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil.
Outside the Lines: The 4º Drawing Invitational. National Arts Club, NY, USA.
Between The Lines: Exploring Drawings. National Arts Club, NY, USA.
The International Biennial on Textile Art - Fibremen 5. Scythia, Kherson, Ukraine.
Involuntary Exclusion. Anexxo Gallery, Goiás, Brazil.

Public Collection

Natinal Arts Clubs, New York, USA.
Exhibition Center Odivelas Museum, Lisbon, Portugal.
Superior Tribunal de Justiça Museum, Brasília, Brazil.
Private collectors.


Contrasting Shapes, Museu Têxtil, São Paulo, Brazil.


Contrastes de Forma: Arte Têxtil e Mista 2014 - 2020.


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Peer Golo Willi, Critic and Art Historian, Berlin

The color, the colourfulness, is the most striking feature that the viewer finds in the works of the Brazilian Rodrigo Franzão. This applies in particular to the objects in which he combines different materials, primarily textiles, but also metal objects found. Franzão woven stripes of different fabrics in powerful colors into rhythmic compositions which, by interacting with the objects of metal, move between an apparent bulkiness and extraordinary dynamics. The combination of the colors, which is often balanced, but not infrequently also on the border of the harmony, testifies to Franz's willingness to explore boundaries and, if necessary, to cross them.

For his work, the artist primarily uses textiles, different fabrics, but also sewing needles, copper wire and paper, sometimes also working with oil and acrylic paints. His focus on everyday, preferably industrial, materials underlines his predilection for the materials that surround the human being, whether he is wearing it on the skin or in daily life, directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously. When asked why he used material, which is usually associated with the art of textiles, Franzão points to biographical experiences: that his mother, who works as a seamstress, already has the materials, the tools, and the sound from her workshop His childhood. Similar impressions refer to his father, who was active in metallurgy. From this he draws his passion and inspiration.

However, his researches, art studies, color and material research are also important for Franzão. The linking of different textile materials allows him countless artistic possibilities, and the choice of both the material and the medium is dependent on the subject. Thus, says the artist, "the material should enter into a dialogue with the subject". In addition to his artistic research, which is part of his work process, his professional career, which led him to the fine arts, is also remarkable. Rodrigo Franzão has already integrated art into his work when he worked as a Portuguese teacher for several years. Subsequently, he studied architecture, psycho-pedagogy and art therapy. Currently, he is studying art history and aesthetics. Thus, what interests him at the scientific level, art in its historical, social and aesthetic context, he expands in the concept of his artistic research, color and material research, as well as a broad philosophical view of man and his role in society.

In his work complex Subtração Involuntária, which Franzão has created mainly in the years 2014 to 2015, work can be categorized as panels (oil or acrylic) with applications (sewing needles, copper wire). Here, however, the viewer also encounters works that extend so far into the room that they leave the plane of the panel: objects made of interlaced, colored cloths and wires of copper, which protrude from this surface, leaving them, as it were, extensively and comparatively disorderly. Especially the objects, in which he combines textiles with copper wires, very much remind us of Eva Hesse's works. But other influences of geometric abstraction and constructivism are also evident.

These objects are often installed at a certain distance from the exhibition wall, so that they search for the dialogue with the viewer as autonomous objects, sometimes free-hanging. It is for him, "says Franzão," to make the individual "what makes his life as a visible, active member of society", his "role as a consumer, and how he conceals his true being through this role" , This connection is not necessarily immediately apparent when these works, which are sometimes inaccessible at all dynamics, It is precisely through the high degree of abstraction of these works that such considerations are left to the viewer at first sight.

Robert Yahner, Curator at The National Arts Club, New York

Naturally, content access to the works is easier when figurative elements come into play. In his series of catharsis, on which Rodrigo Franzão has been working since last year, the artist presents forms in his wall objects that are familiar: human organs, stomach and intestines, kidneys and bladders, lung wings. The forms are kept simple, as they are to be found on radiographs or, in models, in medical and biological literature. They are distinguished by a red color from abstract-polychromatic background and are interspersed with laid copper wires and needles. Franzão's inspiration is clearly the human being, the human body and its biological structures. To this structural model, the artist contrasts an observation model: By contrasting the aesthetic aspects of the color composition with the aspect of the biological condition, the artist makes the viewer look less toward a general than to his own individual reality.

The material, which moves in these forms and is not food, fluid and breathing air, but found metal objects, leads this work back to the abstract plane, which Franzão had already treaded in Subtração Involuntária. To this extent, Franzão reveals, on the other hand, the dialogue between consumption and its effects on the one hand, and the people in society on the other. The fact that Franzão does not want to leave it with a mere projection of his ideas with regard to man and society in the sense of a pure projection is demonstrated in Franzão's participatory approach, which according to his own data is to gain increasing importance in his future work. Already, as Franzão wished, the viewer should "step in front of his works and become a part of it," and he should "create an effect that remains in his memory".

His recent paintings, paintings of geometric forms, arranged in contrasting narrow stripes, create visual effects following the movement through the eyes of the viewer. In continuation, for example, Franzão is planning installations with light, which can be manipulated by the viewer. It is essential in the work of Rodrigo Franzão that the material is in dialogue with the subject, but in addition the work should also enter into an active, alternating dialogue with the viewer.

Jill McGaughey, Art Dealer and Curator, New Orleans

Rodrigo Franzão is a contemporary Brazilian mixed media artist who works mainly with textile elements, creating three-dimensional abstract geometric shapes out of everyday materials. These “reinventions” push the boundaries of textile art, elevating the material out of the realm of utilitarian craft into pure art for art’s sake.

His elaborate, highly rhythmic pieces are created by hand-placing each individual piece of material onto a three-dimensional substrate. A dynamic tension is evident between the tangible sense of hand-work and the overall effect of the abstraction. One element at a time, his artworks emerge as a shimmering field that is never static, giving a sense of organic life and movement.

With degrees in Language and Visual Arts, with MBA in Art History e Visual Culture and a concentration in Physchopedagogy and Art Therapy, Rodrigo seeks to synthesize principles from different mediums. His sculptural works evoke emotions through the interplay of color, light and texture.

2020, INTERVIEW - Textile Curator, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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2019, INTERVIEW - Textile Artist, London, England
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2019, INTERVIEW - Woven Tale Press, New York, USA
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9/3 - 9/25, 2019
Creative Pride, NAC, NY, USA

9/6 to 9/13, 2019
Berlin Art Week: Latinoamerican Art, South Embassy Gallery, Berlin, Germany

6/28 - 7/14, 2019
Concept 2019: 5ª International Conceptual Art, CICA Museum, Gimpo-si, Korea

7/20 - 7/21, 2019
Little Islands Festival, Amorgos, Greece

2019, INTERVIEW - Art Reveal Magazine, London, England
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2019, INTERVIEW - Textile Magazine, Berlin, Germany
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4/24 - 5/8, 2019
South Embassy Gallery, Berlin, Germany

6/10 - 24, 2017
Love Inspires, Inn Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil

2017, TV Cultura, INTERVIEW - Casa dos Contos Museum, Ouro Preto, Brazil
Click here to watch.

3/6 - 26, 2017
Personal Structures, Casa dos Contos Museum, Ouro Preto, Brazil

1/9 - 3/4, 2017
Outside the Lines: The Fourth Annual NAC Drawing Invitational, Gregg Gallery, NY, USA

3/5 - 7/3, 2016
Surfaces and Abstractions, Antônio Lino Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

12/20, 2015 - 1/30, 2016
Between The Lines: Exploring Drawings, Gregg Gallery, NY, USA

10/22 - 11/5, 2015
The International Biennial on Textile Art - Fibremen 5, Scythia Gallery, Kherson, Ukraine

9/29 - 10/24, 2015
Katharsis, Marquis Gallery, NY, USA

2015, INTERVIEW - Textile Artist, London, England
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2015, Vem Comigo TV, INTERVIEW - Superior Tribunal de Justiça Museum, Brasília, Brazil
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5/6 -20, 2015
Involuntary Exclusion, Superior Tribunal de Justiça Museum, Brasília, Brazil

4/10 - 5/20, 2015
Weaving Shapes, Anexxo Gallery, Goiás, Brazil

10/10 - 11/30, 2014
Involuntary Exclusion, Anexxo Gallery, Goiás, Brazil

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