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Amazon Stone, 2019

The main sources of deforestation in the Amazon are human settlements and land development. The Amazon represents more than half of the world's rainforests and comprises the highest biodiversity in a tropical rainforest in the world. The growth of cities is an unstoppable and irreversible process. This means a dramatic increase in demand for energy and costs of new infrastructure, which unfortunately leads to the destruction of life through life.

All on the same sidewalk, 2019

Paulista Avenue is one of the most important avenues in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Being considered the economic heart of the country, a great number of financial and cultural institutions are based on it. As a symbol of Sao Paulo's center of economic and political power, it has been the focus of numerous political protests from 1929 to the twenty-first century. As important as Paulista Avenue, the ocean has for centuries played a role as a backdrop, introducing themes such as hardship, disaster, hope and resumption.

Polict, 2018

Brazil, 2018 elections. With fierce dispute and a strongly polarized debate, election campaigns have adapted to the digital world, dividing the country between the poor and an elite, which has been accused of being "anti-people." The video portrays the behavior of the Brazilian people who, faced with a growing reality worldwide, were fed by the uncertainty posed by the economic future.

Dispute, 2018

In the center of the screen, a facial composition is made and undone by the gesture confrontation in which each side defends its point of view. Nowadays, haters have gained space on social networks making their hateful arguments the great event of the century. It was with this ascent that the philosophical principles of discussion, debate, and controversy were revamped in history giving an alarming and disturbing opportunity for competition, competition, and unhealthy rivalry.

Geometric Particle, 2016

"The point is the representation of the minimum geometric particle of matter, a minimum unit of presence. It has no length or width. It can represent the beginning and end of a line. An element of origin. It is a living being." The Need of Art. Ernest Fisher..

Reflective Dialogue, 2015

In the video, through a set of phenomena and experiences of reality, two characters try to meet. Such an encounter does not happen, which problematizes the integral development of the human race itself, because it is in this communication that the rules that are understood and assimilated are elaborated, and also, when the development of creative thinking happens. Such a situation questions the individual and collective personality of the human being today.

Robo-optical, 2014

Drawing on Gestalt psychology, the video brings together the concept that contemporary man is setting aside the human essence to resemble the modernization of the world. With advancements and the use of technology, a new future perspective is being engineered from silent wood. Thus, the video aims to make more explicit what is implicit in society. Social behavior is designed in “Robo-optic” to translate the relationships that exist between outer and inner, thus allowing everyone to be more aware of the way they behave here and now, on the frontier of contact with their environment and the world.